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17 August 2021

Around 1 million blood donations a year to be used to make lifesaving plasma medicine

England’s 770,000 blood donors will begin saving lives in an extra way.

10 August 2021

Comedian Hal Cruttenden shows his support for plasma donation  

Hal donated at Stratford plasma donor centre in London and is also encouraging people to come forward and donate plasma too.

29 July 2021

Free Guy film stars urge ‘great guys’ to give blood as NHS teams up with Twentieth Century Studios to promote donation

Hollywood A-Listers Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer are calling on film fans in England to be great guys by registering to give blood.

28 July 2021

Critical call for Black people to donate blood as 16,000 new donors urgently needed

The sister of a teenager with sickle cell has overcome her fear of needles and donated blood for the first time to help others like her brother who lives with the devastating impact of the blood disorder.

14 June 2021

Landmark change to blood donation eligibility rules on today’s World Blood Donor Day

New eligibility rules that will allow more men who have sex with men to donate blood, platelets and plasma come into effect this week.

18 May 2021

NHSBT backs appeal for more Black blood donors launched today: United by Blood – Donating in Memory of Evan Nathan Smith

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is supporting three social organisations who are today launching an appeal for Black blood donors in memory of Evan Nathan Smith, a young Black man who had sickle cell disease and died following a sickle cell crisis.

11 May 2021

Blood donor selection policy: More people now able to give blood

Following the FAIR steering group’s recommendations and in line with the latest scientific evidence, blood donation will become more inclusive. More people could be eligible to donate blood based on their health, travel and sexual behaviour.

11 May 2021

UK to change eligibility to give blood on World Blood Donor Day with launch of new donor safety assessment

Some of the questions that blood, plasma and platelet donors are asked to check their eligibility to donate will change from June 14 2021, marking an historic move to make blood donation more inclusive without affecting safety.

06 May 2021

STRIDES study reaches million-donor milestone

The NHSBT blood donor management research project, STRIDES, now has more than one million donors taking part in the main cluster randomised trial, just 18 months after its launch.

07 April 2021

Donations of plasma for use in medicines begin

People have started donating plasma to use in medicines for the first time in more than 20 years.