News and statements

22 November 2023

First ever social media video to encourage more blood donors to ‘give the greatest gift’ this year

NHS Blood and Transplant has launched its first ever festive social media video to encourage people to give the gift of blood this winter.

17 November 2023

Wolves players star in new NHS plasma campaign video

Wolverhampton Wanderers support the ‘All Types Can Save Lives’ campaign to help people realise they may be able to donate plasma, which is used to treat more than 50 diseases.

13 November 2023

NHS missing out on plasma donations because people don’t know they can donate

The NHS is facing a significant challenge to recruit enough new plasma donors because many people don’t realise they are eligible to donate.

14 September 2023

Birmingham plasma donor centre reopens at new site

Birmingham’s Plasma Donor Centre is today [Thursday, September 14] holding a reopening ceremony following a move, modernisation and expansion to bring in 5,500 more plasma donations a year.

08 September 2023

Donate differently and give platelets this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

We need more of our A negative, A positive and AB negative giving types to donate differently and give platelets.

08 September 2023

Billy Blood Drop goes to University

Billy Blood Drop is going to University to help you find your local donor centre

07 September 2023

Urgent NHS plea for more donors of Black heritage during Sickle Cell Awareness Month

A husband and wife who rely on 200 people a year to save their lives are backing an urgent call from the NHS for more blood donors from the Black community to help people with sickle cell.

05 July 2023

Bedford blood donor Jill shares 75th birthday with NHS

Jill Johnston from Bedford, who is a regular blood donor at Cambridge donor centre, is celebrating her 75th birthday on the same day as the NHS this week.

26 June 2023

Ban lifted on use of UK plasma to manufacture life-saving albumin treatments

Leading scientists at the independent Commission on Human Medicines (CHM) have confirmed that albumin, a critically important medicine for the NHS, can now be safely derived from UK plasma donors.

22 June 2023

Dalgety Teas to support the NHS to reach 100,000 potential new blood donors of Black heritage

People of Black heritage are being encouraged to save lives by becoming a blood donor as part of a new partnership between NHS Blood and Transplant and Dalgety Teas.