Preparing to give blood

Follow our tips to make your blood donation experience pleasant, safe and straightforward.


Eat regular meals to help you avoid feeling lightheaded. Please do not donate if you are in a period of fasting.


A good night's sleep will boost wellbeing.


Drink plenty of fluids 24 hours before donating, but avoid alcohol.


Put on loose and comfortable clothing, avoid tight sleeves.


Nervousness is normal, come with a friend or bring along a book or MP3 player so you can relax during your visit.


Knowing your medical, body piercing and travel history will save you time.


You can still exercise, but don't do anything more strenuous than usual: this applies before and after donating blood. Also ensure you are fully recovered and well hydrated before you donate blood. 

Now you know how to prepare yourself, book an appointment to give blood.