Coronavirus: latest advice

Last reviewed: 25 January 2024

We still have extra safety measures in place at our centres.

National restrictions may have lifted, but to make donating as safe as possible for everyone, we've kept a few changes at our centres. 

Before coming to donate:

  • Check you are OK to attend – read coronavirus health rules for donors 

  • Consider wearing a fabric face covering – whilst not required, you may choose to wear one to help protect yourself and others

  • COVID-19 vaccine – please wait 48 hours from your vaccine before donating (you can attend on the 3rd day from the date of your vaccine)

    If you had side effects from the vaccine such as headache, temperature, aches and chills, please wait until these symptoms have passed before donating. Find out more about donating after a vaccine.

  • Keep your appointment and arrive on time please reschedule it if you can't come by calling us on 0300 123 23 23

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Donating after the COVID-19 vaccine