Donors and disability

Everyone can volunteer to give blood, whether you have a disability or not. However, we must make sure that it’s safe for people to give blood and for patients to receive donated blood. 

If you would like to give blood, it’s essential that you understand what’s involved, how you will feel, and how to take care of yourself afterwards. If we think you don’t completely understand what’s required, we may be unable to let you give blood. 

Bringing a carer

Carers are welcome, we just ask that they introduce themselves to a member of staff. They can accompany you throughout the donation process, apart from the private screening. This is to maintain confidentiality. 

Accessibility and wheelchair users

All of our donor centres are wheelchair accessible. Call us on 0300 123 23 23 before booking for more detailed information about access and the facilities available at our donor centres. Not all of our community-based venues (such as church halls and community centres) will be accessible – if possible, we suggest you contact the venue before booking a donation session. 

If you use a wheelchair, you will need to be able to get from your wheelchair to the donation chair, and back again, either on your own or with the support of a carer you have brought with you. For your safety, the donor centre staff are not able to assist you with this. 

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome and encouraged.

Hearing impairments

If you have a hearing impairment, you can contact our donor helpline using the numbers below: 

  • To use Text Relay dial 18001 0300 1232323.
  • To use text chat please SMS 07860 034343.

You may bring a signer or translator to your donation session. However, if you need them to be present when confidential information is being shared (such as during the health screening), they must:

a) Understand the requirements of the Blood Safety and Quality Regulations relevant to the donation process.

b) Not be personally known to you.

Please be aware that NHS Blood and Transplant do not routinely provide a signing or translation service at our blood donation sessions. Although we have some donation staff who are British Sign Language certified and may be able to act as a third party interpreter, we cannot guarantee the availability of this service at all blood donation sessions.

Visual impairments

If you have a visual impairment, there are large print versions of the welcome folder available, and we can talk you through the Donor Safety Check Questionnaire. 

If you have colour blindness or dyslexia, you can ask for coloured overlays at the welcome desk. 

Help and information

If you have any comments, concerns or questions about whether you can donate blood, please contact us:

Phone: 0300 123 23 23

To use Text Relay dial 18001 0300 1232323.

To use text chat please SMS 07860 034343.

Use our online contact form.