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Recognising donors

Blood and platelet donors do an amazing thing when they donate. Without their kind generosity, many patients simply would not be alive today.

We believe that every donation counts. We hope you feel thanked and appreciated every time you give blood, and we want you to know just how important you are to us. 

Gifts and acknowledgements for our donors

We give our regular blood and platelet donor gifts and acknowledgements which mark important donation milestones. As a frequent and valued donor you can expect to receive:

1st - Welcome and thank you pack, including red donor card and key fob

5th – Bronze donor card

10th - Badge and certificate

25th – Silver donor card, badge and certificate

50th – Gold donor card, badge and certificate

75th – Emerald donor card, badge and certificate

100th - Ceremony invitation (whole blood donors), ruby donor card, commemorative medal, badge and certificate

150th - Certificate

250th - Ceremony invitation (platelet donors), commemorative medal, badge and certificate

500th - Special framed certificate

750th - Special framed certificate

1000th - Special framed certificate

If you have registered as a donor online you can see how many whole blood donations you have made to date.

Thank you so much for all of your donations. So few of the population give blood at all, and fewer still reach these incredible milestones, so it really is a great achievement and one worth shouting about! We hope that you accept these small tokens with pride. Well done!


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