Giving blood for the first time

Tens of thousands of people are doing something amazing by registering to join our growing community of blood donors - ready to save lives when the NHS needs them.

At the moment we particularly need:

  • Male donors - men can donate more often than women
  • Black donors - Ro blood is needed and a common type for black donors
  • O negative donors - hospitals need this blood type most regularly, as it can be given to all patients

Please register if you are in one of these groups.

As a new donor, we know you're eager to give blood and save lives straight away. We understand it's disappointing if you can’t find an appointment immediately. But don't worry, your help will be needed in the future so please search several months ahead.

A donor carer offer a donor some squash and snacks

There are three reasons why you might not get an appointment straight away:

  • we only collect the amount of blood that's needed and don't want to waste your donation.
  • we prioritise the most needed blood types and your blood group is not yet known
  • as a safety precaution, we've reduced the number of donation chairs per session to give more space between donors - this means there are fewer appointments available

Become a blood donor

To get started, you'll need to register your details on our database. We will ask you to:

  • answer some basic questions to check you are most likely to be able to donate 
  • register and validate your email address
  • complete your personal details to set up your account

If the website is busy, we’ll take some basic details and get in touch later to complete your registration.


Become a blood donor


Registered recently?

Thank you for taking the first step to becoming a blood donor. 

Now that we have your details, we will contact you to let you know when there are appointments available in your area.

If you’ve already booked an appointment online, please read our advice for donors during the coronavirus pandemic.

Appointments for first-time donors

Please consider booking several months ahead.

Blood has a limited shelf life so we only collect what’s needed to avoid wasting any life-saving donations.

We are prioritising appointments for existing donors as we know their blood type. 

However, we will need new people to give blood later in the year when we expect to see the true impact of coronavirus on the blood supply.

A donor smiles as she gives blood

Thank you

Every donation saves a life and the need for blood never stops.

Your blood could go to a mum who’s just given birth, someone who’s been in a car accident or a child with cancer to name just a few.