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We run national campaigns to encourage:

  • new donors to sign up as blood donors and start saving lives
  • existing donors to continue to help us keep blood stocks healthy throughout the year

We are also highlighting the importance of encouraging more black donors so that patients can receive blood that is more closely matched to their own - most likely from their own ethnicity. 

Want to help? You can download 'Give Blood' images and use our social media graphics on your own site or social channel.

Our recent campaigns



Celebrities, sports people and influencers have featured in our fun series of films - a chance to be the fly-on-the-wall during often fun and quirky donation sessions.

Bleed for...

Recognising that people have very different reasons for giving blood, our Bleed for... campaign celebrates that every reason matters and every donation counts. We particularly need more men to become donors because men make particularly useful plasma and platelet donors.

Church campaign

We have joined with black Christian churches across England, to encourage more black donors to register, book an appointment and give blood.

B Positive choir

The B Positive choir involves blood donors and blood recipients, people who have blood related medical conditions such as sickle cell and those who work with blood. They sing at awards and events and have had numerous TV appearances, promoting the lifesaving power of blood.

Rice for Life

In a bid to drive awareness of the critical shortage of black, Asian and Arab donors, promotional packs of Laila rice have been in stores, supported by Laila teams working alongside our NHSBT experts to raise awareness and give people the chance to try some tasty food and find out how they can become lifesavers. 


Become a blood donor


Want to become a donor?

Archie's story

Archie needs regular blood transfusions to keep him alive