Coronavirus: blood donation and safety

We are making donation as safe and pleasant as possible for your next visit.

Safety before you arrive

Lady arriving at blood donation reception

Please read our coronavirus health rules for donors.

This information about donating during coronavirus will help you decide whether you should come to donate.

We want to make sure that all donors arriving at our centres are well and not a likely risk for coronavirus. 

On your arrival

Once you arrive, you will see some questions to understand whether you are well.

If you feel unwell or have a fever on the day, please stay at home and rebook your appointment for later.

Handwashing for donors and staff

There will be alcohol hand gel for you to use when you arrive.

Staff are washing their hands regularly and using alcohol hand gels in line with government guidance.

A donor carer washed between her fingers using hand gel

Cleaning surfaces

Donor carer cleaning chair

Our staff regularly clean surfaces such as donation chairs, laminated leaflets and water fountains.

Face coverings

At your appointment, there will be mix of staff and donors wearing face masks.

Whilst masks are currently not required, you may choose to wear one to help protect yourself and others.

Our staff can provide you with a mask if you would like to wear one.

Session sister wearing face covering

Testing for coronavirus

Although we routinely test all blood donations for some infection that can be passed on through blood, this does not include testing for coronavirus.

This is because there is no evidence of coronavirus being transmitted through blood donation.

We take blood safety very seriously and the list of tests is regularly reviewed.

Read more about the tests we carry out on your blood.

Regularly reviewing the situation

We are reviewing all safety measures and may make more changes in the future.