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Coronavirus update

Please make sure you are able to donate by reading our coronavirus advice for donors.

Coronavirus: latest updates


Please keep donating. You can still give blood and platelets during coronavirus. Blood donation is considered essential travel.

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Please check the coronavirus advice on this page to see if you are able to donate.

Our centres are open, and blood donation is still taking place so if you have an appointment please keep donating as normal

We've put extra safety measures in place for donors and staff

Thousands of you have recently tried to register - thank you, we are working hard to get you set up to donate and will be in touch.

Next steps if you have an appointment

1  Keep your appointment if you can - and if you can't please cancel so we can replace you

2  Make a new appointment some months ahead - blood stocks are good now but we need to maintain supply for the future

3  Check before you attend - read our advice below about contact with coronavirus.

Next steps for first-time donors

 Please register - if we have large volumes you may be asked to complete registration later

2  Make an appointment for a few months time - you are unlikely to find one soon as we are prioritising existing donors with known blood types

3  Be a donor for life - we will need you most later in the year as we feel the impact of coronavirus

Your questions

Please do not donate if you feel unwell. Read our advice below:

Am I allowed to come and give blood despite social distancing?

Yes. Travelling to donate is permitted because it helps meet the medical needs of vulnerable people. Hospitals need our blood supply now and in the coming weeks more than ever.

Can I donate if I think I've had coronavirus?

You should confirm your situation before coming to donate. Please read our guidance.

Is it safe to come and donate?

Yes. We have introduced several changes to give donors confidence about hygiene and social distancing. Find out more about what we are doing.

Will my blood be tested for coronavirus?

No we do not test for coronavirus because there is no evidence it is transmitted through blood donation. Read about the tests we do.

I'm over 70, can I donate?

We are sorry - due to government guidelines people aged 70 or over and those in vulnerable health are currently unable to donate. Please find out more.

Donor carer cleaning a chair
Extra cleanliness at our centres

Safety is our number one priority

We have introduced new measures to improve social distancing at our centres. This might mean you are asked to wait outside or find delays because we can't use all the donor chairs.

Our teams are trained in thorough universal hygiene precautions to prevent the spread of all infections. Safety is our number one priority.

Blood donor carer washing hands

Read more about the changes we are making at our donation venues.

There are no confirmed cases of any form of coronavirus being passed on through blood or platelet donation.

Cancelled appointments

We are sorry that due to the impact of coronavirus we have had to cancel some appointments and occasionally close our donation venues.

We are trying our best to keep donation running smoothly.

Please bear with us during this difficult time and rebook if you can.

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