News and statements

Statement: Recruiting Donors to the BBMR - changes effective 1st April 2016

Tuesday, 22 Mar 2016

Over the past year, Blood Donation teams have done a remarkable job recruiting donors to the BBMR, especially young donors and those of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

News: NHS Blood and Transplant asks AB + women to donate blood less frequently

Monday, 07 Mar 2016

NHS Blood and Transplant is writing to female blood donors with the AB + blood group to let them know that we will invite them to give blood less frequently than they may be used to in future.

Statement: NHS Blood and Transplant response to the Zika virus

Wednesday, 03 Feb 2016

There is a lot of media interest in the UK about the Zika virus. NHS Blood and Transplant is implementing precautionary measures around blood donation.

One million people now registered with one of the world’s largest online blood donation appointment booking services

Monday, 01 Feb 2016

One million people across England and North Wales are now registered to book donation appointments online, making it one of the largest digital booking systems of any blood service in the world.

Statement: The Ro subtype explained

Friday, 04 Dec 2015

The Ro subtype is blood with a certain combination of genes. What makes donors with the Ro subtype special, is the fact that only 1% of our donors have it.