Donate differently and give platelets this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

8 September 2023

We need more of our A negative, A positive and AB negative giving types to donate differently and give platelets.

2,750 new platelet donors are needed this year.

Platelet transfusions can help people with cancer and people who’ve lost a lot of blood after an accident, organ transplant or surgery.

1 donation can help up to 12 children.

Baby Aila playing with sticks in the woodsBy the age of 1, Aila had already received over 40 units of blood and platelets during her treatment for Leukaemia.

“Without all the blood and platelets she received, she would not have beaten cancer.

"Since we got home in January she has learnt to walk, is learning new words every day and is loving her food.

“I remember the first morning we were home after six month’s admission, we danced in the kitchen while having our breakfast and it has been like this ever since.

“I wish I could thank everyone that donated personally. Your kindness and time have helped save my baby’s life.” said Aila’s Mum, Roisin.

Donated platelets only last 7 days, so we need regular platelet donations throughout the year. Currently we only have 10,000 donors regularly giving platelets.

2,750 new platelet donors are needed this year. Join the 10,000 donors regularly giving platelets. Find out more about platelets.