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Make a #Date2Donate in 2018 to give blood

Monday, 15 Jan 2018

NHSBT has teamed up with some familiar faces from the world of entertainment, to create a series of videos sharing their experiences of giving blood and encourage friends, family and loved ones come together on a regular basis to make a difference through giving blood.

Make a resolution in 2018 that changes someone else’s life

Tuesday, 02 Jan 2018

This year 131,569 people registered to give blood for the first time - will you join them in 2018 and help to save lives?

B Positive Choir and Lurine Cato say ‘Rise up and Give Blood’

Monday, 11 Dec 2017

The NHS B Positive Choir and gospel sensation Lurine Cato launch Rise Up, to encourage more people to Rise Up and be counted as blood donors

Blood donation rules have changed

Tuesday, 28 Nov 2017

The rules on blood donation in England change on 28th November 2017. They give more people the opportunity to donate blood without affecting the safety of the blood supply.

MOBO partners with us to launch B Positive choir

Friday, 13 Oct 2017

The B Positive choir brings together people who live with sickle cell including their helpers, friends and families through music. They will be performing at the MOBO awards, promoting awareness of the growing need for more black donors.