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News and statements

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04 June 2017

Response to London incident

Our thoughts are with everyone affected in London. We have all the blood hospitals currently need and no urgent donations are required.

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25 May 2017

Response to Manchester incident

In the hours following the incident, our Blood Centre in Manchester responded to requests for blood from the hospitals treating the casualties.

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18 May 2017

Cameroon footballers from Manchester support call for more black blood donors

FOOTBALL team players are urging fellow black people to give blood.

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01 March 2017

NHS initiative drives blood and organ donation in Hillingdon

The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and NHS Blood and Transplant are working together to promote organ and blood donation to people throughout Hillingdon.

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29 December 2016

Don’t Just Give Up - Give Blood

A new online survey* carried out by NHS Blood and Transplant, found that 70% of 2,126 adults aged 16-79 in England did not make a New Year’s resolution in 2016.

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23 November 2016

NHS Blood and Transplant donate bloodmobile to Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Health

On Wednesday 23 November NHS Blood and Transplant will donate a decommissioned bloodmobile to Antigua and Barbuda

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27 October 2016

Star line up call on the black and Asian community to #Represent

MOBO partners with NHS Blood and Transplant to launch celebrity-fronted campaign to recruit a new generation of blood donors.

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11 October 2016

Missing Type campaign inspires 24,000 new blood donors

The Missing Type campaign to highlight the need for more new donors has inspired 24,000 people across England to sign up to give blood.

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10 October 2016

Royal Shakespeare Company actors back campaign for new blood donors

BLOODY scenes aplenty feature in Shakespeare’s works. But three Royal Shakespeare Company actors have stepped from the stage and into the donation chair to give blood for real.

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26 September 2016

70 years of life saving blood donations

Volunteer blood donors have been helping to save lives for 70 years. Now, NHS Blood and Transplant is calling on young people to be the blood donors of the future, as they celebrate the creation of the National Blood Transfusion Service 70 years ago today.