News and statements

06 October 2022

Record demand for blood donations to help sickle cell patients prompts urgent call for more donors of Black heritage

The NHS is making an urgent call for more blood donors of Black heritage as new figures reveal a record 250 donations are now needed every day to treat sickle cell, the fastest growing genetic condition in the UK.

30 September 2022

New digital badges for donation milestones

Blood and plasma donors can now achieve digital badges for reaching donation milestones.

08 September 2022

Statement on HM Queen Elizabeth II

Statement from Peter Wyman, Chair, for and on behalf of NHS Blood and Transplant

11 August 2022

New ‘female-friendly’ plasma machines will enable more lifesaving donations

Our plasma centres are upgrading to new ‘female friendly’ donor machines which will almost double the number of women who can donate lifesaving plasma.

10 August 2022

NHS Blood and Transplant attends UK Black Pride festival to celebrate one year since changes to blood donation eligibility rules

The NHS hopes to reach the 15,000 people expected to attend the event this weekend from the African, Asian and Caribbean and LGBT+ communities in London with the message that more people than ever before can now donate blood.

16 June 2022

Black donor who has given the most blood of the most in demand type

Peter Jones is the Black donor who has donated more of the highest priority blood type than any other black donor, NHS Blood and Transplant can reveal.

13 June 2022

National Blood Week: One million new blood donors needed over next 5 years

One million more blood donors are needed over the next five years to ensure patients receive the right type of blood to save and improve their lives, with a particular need for Black African, Black Caribbean and younger donors.

05 May 2022

‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ stars inspire public to ‘become real-life heroes’ by donating blood as NHS teams up with Marvel Studios

Hollywood A-Listers Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen are calling on fans to ‘become a real-life hero’ by registering to give blood.

14 April 2022

Give Hope this Easter

Church leaders come together at Easter to address urgent need for organ and blood donors of Black heritage

07 April 2022

One year of plasma donations for medicines

On April 7, 2022 NHSBT marks the first-year anniversary of collecting plasma for medicine, a major milestone for the whole of NHS Blood and Transplant.