News and statements

News: Embarassing Bodies demystifies blood donation process

Wednesday, 07 May 2014

Popular Channel 4 programme, Embarrassing Bodies, featured Dr Pixie donating blood live on the programme on Tuesday 6 May.

News: NHS Blood and Transplant makes special appeal to O negative and B negative blood donors

Monday, 17 Mar 2014

Eligible blood donors in England and North Wales who are O Rh negative (O negative) and B Rh negative (B negative) are being asked to call now to make an appointment to give blood in the next few days or weeks, to help rebuild stocks of these groups.

News: Young donors asked to be 'One in a Million'

Friday, 31 Jan 2014

Young blood donors are being called upon as part of a new campaign to increase the number of people on the British Bone Marrow Registry (BBMR).

Statement: NHS Blood and Transplant addresses delays for donors at sessions

Tuesday, 14 Jan 2014

An article in The Times, published on 14 January 2014, highlighted that administrative reasons prevented around 24,000 donors from giving blood after attending a blood donation session last year. More than 1.9 million potential donors attended a blood donation session in 2013.

Statement: NHS Blood and Transplant reassures blood donors that Government's sale of PRUK does not affect them

Friday, 19 Jul 2013

Blood donors may be concerned by articles they are reading in the media regarding the sale of a government owned company called Plasma Resources UK Limited (PRUK) and be under the impression that NHS Blood and Transplant sells blood collected by volunteer donors for a profit. This is not the case.