Celebrating our plasma donors this Plasma Donation Week

29 April 2023

This Plasma Donation Week (24-30 April) we are celebrating how proud we are of our plasma donors and the impact their donations have on people’s lives.

Plasma is the liquid in your blood that carries platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells around the body. It can be made into a medicine called immunoglobulin, which is used to treat more than 50 diseases, including cancer.

You can currently donate plasma in Birmingham, Reading or Twickenham.

Meet our donors

Some of our amazing plasma donors have shared their donation stories, and are encouraging others to sign up to donate.

Ian’s story

Ian Boreham has donated 33 times, the most of any donor at Reading Plasma Donor Centre since plasma donation restarted in 2021. He made his 33rd donation during Plasma Donation Week.

Ian Boreham after donating plasmaThe 58-year-old IT engineer donates as often as he can.

He was originally a blood donor, then donated plasma for coronavirus research, and now donates plasma for medicines.

Ian said: “You feel you are doing something good for somebody in need.

“And the other thing is that the staff are brilliant and really friendly – it’s just a pleasure to go.

“The newer donation machines are better too, because they are faster and you can see how much you have donated and how long there is to go.

“I’d just say to people if you needed it you would be grateful to the person who donated it. It’s a worthwhile thing to do.”

Alice’s story

Alice Stannard, aged 17, is the youngest person to donate plasma at Birmingham’s Donor Centre during 2023.

Alice StannardAlice travelled to Birmingham to donate because she is interested in medicine and helping people – she hopes to become a doctor one day.

“I found it was something I could do more regularly than donating blood and I just enjoy helping people,” said Alice.

“I really enjoyed it and the staff were so friendly.

“As a 17-year-old, I did find it a bit scary to be in the donor centre environment with the donation machines, but the staff were so friendly that it was a really positive experience.

“I would say to other people that it’s a really good thing to do and it helps a lot of people – you don’t realise how many people need plasma medicine until you find out more about it.

“It might sound scary at first but it’s fine and you are surrounded by a lot of friendly people.”

Keith’s story

Keith Brown, aged 63, has donated 34 times, the most of any donor at Twickenham Plasma Donor Centre since plasma donation restarted in 2021. He made his 34th donation during Plasma Donation Week.

Keith BrownHe donates every 5-6 weeks and was previously a blood donor.

Keith said: “It’s really the people who work there that keep me donating - the Donor Carers.

“I am quite friendly with them now, they know my name and they are a friendly team.

“I book my appointments on the app, it’s simple and easy to use.

“I would say the plasma donation process is simple. The machine does all the work.

“It takes longer than blood donation but only about 35 minutes. As far as comfort, I’ve had no issues.

“And it’s just nice to know you have got something that people need.

“I feel like if you can do it, you should.

“And you never know, it could be someone in your family that needs it next.

“I feel that I want to support the NHS in any way I can. You can’t just take - you have got to give back.”

If you live in or near Birmingham, Reading or Twickenham, register to donate plasma today.

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