Who you could help

Your blood saves lives. Your blood donation is an amazing gift to people who need it in an emergency or for ongoing medical treatment. 

We need nearly 5,000 people to give blood every day to meet the needs of hospitals and patients. We specifically need new Black donors to provide blood donations for Black patients with sickle cell disease. They need life-saving blood from Black donors, which provides the closest match to their own. Find out how donated blood is used.

Real life stories

The amazing stories below show just how giving blood helps to save lives.

Roanna’s thalassaemia story

Roanna needed 250 units of blood over two years as she battled thalassaemia.

Archie relied on transfusions for 10 years

Archie received more than 500 bags of blood to manage a rare blood disorder.


At only four years of age, Edie has already received 60 units of blood.


Natasha needed 39 units of blood products when she experienced massive complications during an emergency c-section.


Daniel has Sickle Cell disease and experienced his first stroke at just six years old.