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For Archie, a rare blood disorder means that he has already had more than 150 whole blood transfusions.

Archie was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of anaemia, congenital sideroblastic anaemia, which means that his bone marrow is unable to produce healthy blood cells. It stops Archie´s body transferring the iron in his blood into haemoglobin, which red cells need to transport oxygen efficiently.

Until a cure can be found for the condition, Archie needs to have blood transfusions of healthy red cells every 2 weeks. 

Craig, Archie's dad, said: 'The whole blood transfusion process can take a full day. Firstly, Archie will have a meeting with the paediatric consultant and then he needs to be cross-matched to ensure that he receives the correct blood type. Once the results are in, and this can take a few hours, Archie will go on to have his transfusion which usually lasts around 4 hours.'

Archie's condition is so rare that Craig only knows of two other families who have children with the condition and both of them live in America.

'Through Archie, my wife and I have become champions for blood donation. Archie's quality of life depends on the blood that he receives and he is being kept alive by the generous act of giving blood.'

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