New text service is a hit

Our new text message service, telling you when your blood donation has been sent to a hospital is proving a big hit.


Helen Phillips said “I was delighted to get this text as it brought home to me the idea that my donation was going to be used by real people. The whole thing suddenly felt more personal.”

Mike Stredder, Director of Blood Donation said “While donors don’t get to meet the people who have benefited from their blood, our texts to donors will remind them that hospitals and patients rely on their donations.”

Feedback from you on social media has been very positive as you proudly share your texts with friends.


New animation

Have you ever wondered what happens to your donation once you’ve given it?

We’ve created a short animation that explains what we do with your donation. 


Online account service is a success

Since we launched our online blood donor account service on in November 2013 over one million of you have registered to use it.

In that time, the online service, which allows you to book and change appointments in real time, has grown to become one of the largest of its type in the world with over two million appointments booked so far.

As part of the service you also have the ability to download our NHSGiveBlood Mobile app that allows self service appointment booking. Nearly 90,000 of you have used the app in the last month alone! 

We have also recently launched push messaging via our Mobile app as a new channel to keep in touch with you.


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