Scientific review offers chance for more people to give blood

More people will be eligible to give blood, thanks to changes to the rules around blood donation.

A man inspects cells under a microscope

The Government has announced the new rules, which apply to England, following a review of blood donor criteria related to risk behaviours. It was carried out by the Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs, which advises UK ministers and health departments.

The changes mean that the rules are consistent for all groups that are deferred due to sexual behaviours.

Our medical and research director, Dr Gail Miflin, said, “We welcome the Government’s decision to amend the rules associated with blood donation related to specific activities. These changes will offer more people the chance to give blood.

“They take into account the latest available medical and scientific evidence and will not affect the safety of the blood supply.”

We expect to implement these changes later this year. Read our news statement about the announcement.

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