Organ Donation Week is here!

Why it’s so important to talk about it

Throughout early September, hospitals, charities, supporters of organ donation and all of us at NHS Blood and Transplant are encouraging people across the UK to talk about organ donation with their families.

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This Organ Donation Week (4th – 10th September), ask yourselves as a family what you would do if one of you needed a transplant: would you accept a life-saving organ? If you’d accept an organ, would you be prepared to donate to save lives when you die too?

We’re reminding people that no matter what their age, Organ Donation Week is a great opportunity to chat with their family and let them know whether they want to donate their organs when they die. It doesn’t need to take long, it could be a quick natter after dinner or a WhatsApp, but it’s important that their decision is shared. A few words can make an extraordinary difference.

Many people don’t know that when they die, their family will be asked to support whatever decision the deceased person made about organ donation. Making sure your family know your wishes now will protect them from having to make a choice they aren’t sure of at a very difficult time.

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You could use something from our Facebook page to help you talk about it, or look for articles in newspapers and online. Or you could use the personal story below to debate and make your decision. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just make sure you do.

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Harry-James’s story

Dawn Kirkham holding a photo of her son, Harry-James

Harry-James Kirkham, 15, was tragically killed in an accident while crossing the road. For his mum, Dawn, the decision to donate Harry-James’ organs was made in an instant.

Harry-James was cheeky, funny, loving, loyal and a friend to all and thinking of the lives he saved and improved is a huge source of comfort for Dawn and the rest of the family.

Understanding how important it is to know her other children’s wishes, Dawn has also had a conversation about organ donation with Harry-James’ younger siblings, who have said that they also want to be organ donors.

Be inspired to talk - watch our short films about families like Dawn's who made the decision to donate. 

Talk to your family about organ donation today.

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