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Appointment availability

Find out why you may get an immediate booking to give blood and at other times have to book well in advance.

Our donation appointment system carefully balances the supply of blood with the changing demand from patients.

It may not always be possible to offer you a blood donation session in the next few weeks. The demand for blood from hospitals means that sometimes we prioritise certain blood groups. Please do make a booking to give blood in the months ahead - patients need your donations throughout the year.

Book online

We hope that more of our donors will use the self-service online booking system so we are better able to plan blood donations to meet demand from patients and hospitals. We can also use the system to contact registered donors to come in and give blood when they are needed.

Having donors who pre-book (rather than walking in unscheduled) helps us to plan the blood supply so that we have the right amount of the right type at the right time.

Last-minute appointments

Our online booking system is updated with cancellations. If there is a particular date and time you are keen to donate, please check closer to the time by signing in and searching the next available appointments.

Choosing between permanent and mobile donor centres

We have 23 large, permanent donor centres in some of our major cities. These offer the ability to get a much quicker appointment as they are open most days of the week, and have the space for a larger number of donors.

Our mobile teams visit community venues. Some of these are only visited a small number of times a year and we spread appointments out so that we are taking donations of the most in-demand blood each day. This means new donors may not always be able to donate straight away. However, we would normally expect you to be able to find an appointment within 4 months.

Further information about appointments for specific donor groups:

Got more questions about how we manage your appointments? Please read our appointment FAQs.


Become a blood donor


Platelet donation

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