Blood appointment cancellations

If your blood appointment has been cancelled, please accept our apologies. It is sometimes necessary to make last minute changes. We will always try to get in touch by phone, email or in writing to let you know.


If your appointment is cancelled:

  • we will try to text, phone or write to you to let you know with as much notice as possible

  • please rebook if you can: on the app, online or by calling 0300 123 23 23

  • consider booking a few months ahead - we know we are going to need to rely on our regular donors as the pandemic continues.

Is my session running today?

Occasionally, we have to completely close a venue for the day, or move it somewhere else.

If you were expecting to donate on one of the days listed below and your session is listed as closed, we apologise.

Please sign in to your online account and rebook your appointment - we will need all our donors in the coming months.

If your venue is not listed please assume your appointment is going ahead as normal.

Please check this list of session cancellations and relocations to see if your appointment is affected.

We currently have no session cancellations or relocations to report. Please check back before your appointment or call 0300 123 23 23 for up to date information.