Are you the #GivingType?

We’ve just celebrated National Blood Week! The NHS needs 140,000 more giving types to donate blood – can you help?…

Are you the giving type?

As a nation, we’re a generous lot. We freely give our time, money, and skill to help good causes.

Giving comes naturally to us: you could say that giving is in our blood.

Funnily enough, it’s blood we need more people to give. More blood, plasma and platelets are needed to continue saving and improving people’s lives.

That’s why NHS Blood and Transplant launched its #GivingType campaign, with the target of finding 140,000 more giving types to come forward as donors.

Our Giving Type campaign, kickstarted during National Blood Week in June, is aimed at inspiring people to register as donors, as well as prompting existing blood donors to consider donating plasma or platelets.

Without the generosity of giving types, the NHS would be without the much-needed blood, plasma and platelets it needs to ease emergencies, help fight sickle cell and combat cancer.

Giving blood is quick and easy. In just one hour, you can save up to three lives. Find out more about giving blood here

Donating plasma is as easy as giving blood, and it also takes around an hour. Plasma contains antibodies, known as immunoglobulins, which fight infections. These antibodies are made into medicines to help people with rare diseases, immune disorders and genetic conditions. You can find out more about giving plasma here.

Platelets help to stop the body bleeding and can be a lifeline for people with cancer. Platelet transfusions can help people with cancer and people who've lost a lot of blood after an accident, organ transplant and other surgery. One donation can help up to three adults or 12 children. We need more platelet donors who have A positive, A negative, and AB negative blood types. You can find out more about giving platelets here.

Know someone who’s the giving type? Why not reach out to them and help us to reach our target of 140,000 new donors?

Spread our #GivingType message online among your followers, friends and family, using the images below. Every share or post will help inspire other giving types to help save even more lives.