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Ask the Experts - Summer 2022

Donations of blood, platelets and plasma are simple and easy ways to make an immeasurable impact to other people’s lives.

Ongoing measures at session

We are always committed to maintaining a safe donation environment at our blood donation sessions.

We know. Do you?

This National Blood Week we've been inspiring the country to get talking about blood types. Do you know yours? You can join the conversation by sharing your blood type on social media, using emojis 🅰🅱🆎🅾➖➕ or by simply talking to a friend...

New online experience

We reveal the changes you’ll be seeing on the website from June this year.

Donated blood has kept us together

Suki is one of the youngest sickle cell patients to rely on regular blood transfusions. Her mum, Layla, shares their story.

Meet the Donor - Sasha Cooke

Sasha Cooke works as Donor Carer Supervisor at our mobile City Team in London. She shares her story of altruistic kidney donation.

“If there hadn’t been blood for me, then I might not be here with my children”

Jenny Cairns almost died after the birth of her son, Charlie, when she haemorrhaged very severely. Donated blood saved her life.

“Blood and platelets helped us to build our life back”

Dave received platelets during his treatment for leukaemia. His wife, Holly, shares their story.

Tribute to Life

An ambitious initiative to boost organ donation around the world.

Medical milestone

April 7th marked the first-year anniversary of NHS Blood and Transplant collecting plasma to make life-saving medicine.