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Help save lives this winter

This winter, NHS Blood and Transplant is asking donors to show more of the inspirational community spirit they displayed during the COVID-19 pandemic by continuing to save and improve people’s lives during the demanding festive period.

Ask the Experts - Winter 2021

It’s common for people to have questions about blood donation. Thankfully, our clinical experts are on hand with the answers.

Non-clinical use of blood: from labs to Labradors

While most donated blood is used clinically, your donation could also be used to save lives in less direct ways, such as the training of police sniffer dogs.

75th anniversary of NHS blood donation

Seventy-five years ago, on the 26th September 1946, the Ministry of Health took control of Britain’s blood banks, launching the National Blood Transfusion Service.

“So many children with cancer rely on platelet transfusions”

Two-year-old Evie has received eight blood transfusions and nine platelet transfusions along with chemotherapy to treat neuroblastoma. Her mum Kelly tells their story.

"Receiving blood literally saved Cianna's life"

Cianna, 13, has sickle cell and she has so far needed three blood transfusions. Her mum, Haley, shares her daughter’s story.

Donating cord blood

It’s usually discarded, but the special qualities of umbilical cord blood can give hope to patients with serious conditions.

“Thank you for being the reason that my children still have their mum”

Mum, Lucy, required a life-saving blood transfusion after complications during an emergency c-section.

Meet the Donor - Sanjiv Gohil

Ten years ago, Sanjiv, now 60, anonymously donated a kidney to someone on the national transplant waiting list.

Functions of blood: transport around the body

One of the key functions of blood is transport.