We are addressing sickle cell head on with our #DearSickleCell campaign in partnership with Unsickle My Cells UK.

People with sickle cell have shared their experiences by talking directly to the disease, expressing their feelings towards it, in order to help others better understand the pain and everyday struggle sickle cell patients and their loved ones go through.

As Black donors are ten times more likely to have a blood type needed to treat the 15,000 people in the UK with sickle cell, we’re asking people from Black African and Black Caribbean backgrounds to come forward to donate blood to help treat sickle cell patients. You can do so by signing up to donate today.

If you or someone close to you has sickle cell, you can get involved by sharing your story on social media using the hashtag #DearSickleCell.

Speaking to sickle cell

Watch our #DearSickleCell participants speak directly to the disease.

#DearSickleCell stories

Find out more about our #DearSickleCell participants and their loved ones.

Tasmin and Cameron

Cameron needed his first red cell exchange at the age of six after suffering a crisis.


Chanel was first diagnosed with sickle cell at the age of nine months.


Dionne was diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia at 9 months old.

Kehinde and Angel

Angel was rushed into hospital when suffering a crisis a few years ago.

About the campaign

The #DearSickle campaign was devised by Chanel Taylor, CEO and founder of Unsickle My Cells UK. 

Unsickle My Cells UK is a community organisation aiming to promote awareness of sickle cell from the individual's perspective, raise awareness and understanding within communities at risk of having sickle cell, whilst campaigning for more blood donors to assist sickle cell patients. 

The #DearSickleCell campaign is also supported by NHSBT's network of events and outreach officers, Cynthia and Mary Adeturinmo, who help to raise awareness of sickle cell and encourage people from Black African and Black Caribbean backgrounds to give blood.

Chanel Taylor, CEO and founder of Unsickle My Cells UK

How you can help