Chanel's story

Chanel was first diagnosed with sickle cell at the age of nine months.

Mum-of-one Chanel Taylor, aged 36, from Wandsworth was first diagnosed with sickle cell at the age of nine months. She is supporting the campaign by sharing her sickle cell story.

“As a baby, my nan would look after me and one night my temperature was boiling like a kettle. She called the ambulance and I was rushed to hospital where I received an emergency blood transfusion. At that point it was a matter of life or death – that blood transfusion saved my life.” She said.

“I got older, I was in and out of hospital and on various medications, but my body was weak and fatigued. I was also a single parent and I felt weighed down from balancing motherhood with sickle cell.”

In 2019, Chanel made the decision to stop drug treatments and look into exchange transfusions. She booked in for her first exchange transfusion in 2019.

“Having that first exchange transfusion honestly changed my life. I had a newfound spring in my step, I was so happy and energised that I had to tell myself to calm down as I knew I couldn’t over-exert myself.” She said.

She now receives 7 units of blood every 5 weeks at St George’s Hospital.

If it wasn’t for the donors, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m able to be a role model to my child and for that, I’m extremely grateful. I want to say a massive thank you to all the donors.

“The exchange transfusions have significantly enhanced my quality of life. My relationship with my daughter has also really improved. I now have the energy to take her out to after school clubs, social activities and generally spend more time with her. I’m able to instil structure in my life and have a better routine.” She said.

Please register to give blood today and your donation could help someone like Chanel.