Coronavirus: latest advice

We need you to keep donating blood and platelets during the pandemic. Donor centres are still open despite coronavirus restrictions.

To make donating as safe as possible for everyone we have made a few changes at our centres. Please read the following information before coming to donate:

  • Check you are ok to attend – read coronavirus health rules for donors 

  • COVID-19 vaccine – please wait 7 full days from your vaccine before donating on the 8th day. If you had side effects from the vaccine such as headache, temperature, aches and chills, please wait 28 days from your recovery. 

  • Travelling to donate – donation is allowed despite coronavirus restrictions

  • Keep your appointment and arrive on time please reschedule it if you can't come by calling us on 0300 123 23 23

  • Wear a fabric face covering this must cover your mouth and nose - get more information about face masks

  • Attend alone  as part of latest safety changes it is vitally important that you come on your own, to help minimise social contact. 

Your coronavirus questions


Am I allowed to give blood in lockdown?

Yes. You can give blood and platelets during the national lockdown. Our blood centres are open despite coronavirus restrictions and we still need you to come and donate. Please take sensible precautions when travelling and be assured that we will look after you when you arrive.

Can I give blood if I've had the COVID-19 vaccine?

Yes, but you will need to wait 7 days. If you have received a coronavirus vaccine as part of the UK vaccination programme, please wait 7 days after having the vaccine before coming to donate.

If you had side effects from the vaccine such as headache, temperature, aches and chills please wait 28 days from your recovery. 

Can I donate if I think I've had coronavirus?

You should confirm your situation before coming to donate.

Please read our guidance.

Is it safe to come and donate?

Yes. We have introduced several changes to give donors confidence about hygiene and social distancing.

Find out more about hygiene and social distancing.

Do I have to wear a face mask?

Yes. You will need to wear a fabric face covering when you give blood. This does not have to be a surgical mask but should cover your nose and mouth. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exemptions to this rule. If you can't wear a face covering, please wait to donate when this restriction is no longer necessary. 

Our decision to ask all donors to wear face coverings is based on the latest Government guidance.

Do you need new donors?

At the moment we particularly need:

  • Male donors - men can donate more often than women
  • Black donors - Ro blood is needed and a common type for black donors
  • O negative donors - hospitals need this blood type most regularly, as it can be given to all patients 

Find out more about becoming a blood donor.

Why is my appointment cancelled?

Keeping our centres open and getting the right balance of blood types is currently more difficult than usual. If we cancel your appointment, please accept our apologies. We only do this when absolutely necessary and we still really need you to try to book again further into the future.

More about closed sessions and cancelled appointments.

Can you tell me if I've had coronavirus?

No, we do not routinely test for coronavirus because there is no evidence it is transmitted through blood donation.

Read about the tests we do on every blood donation.

I am over 70, can I donate?

Yes. You can continue to donate if you are well and have given a full donation in the last two years. There is no longer a restriction because of government guidelines.

Can the vaccine be transmitted via a blood transfusion from a vaccinated donor to a patient?

It is very unlikely that the active ingredients of the vaccine will remain in the blood by the time of donation.