Former England striker Emile Heskey and Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta are calling for the public to save up to three lives in 60 minutes by giving blood.

NHS Blood and Transplant has partnered with Sky Sports and BT Sport to produce two new television adverts to run in front of live sports coverage and programming on the channels until early spring. The adverts feature former England striker Emile Heskey and Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta calling for people to help save up to three lives in an hour by donating blood. That’s the time it takes to give blood - and the time between the half time whistle and the end of the game.

What would be your best 60 minutes?

Mikel Arteta says, "It takes less time than a football match to give blood - in just 60 minutes you can save and improve the lives of three people. Blood donors do something amazing every day, but more people are needed right now to give this gift of life. That’s why I’m urging football fans to register to donate blood today."

Greatest hat-trick

Emile Heskey encourages donors to score their own 'greatest hat-trick'. Emile says, "I’m proud to support NHS Blood and Transplant to urge people of Black heritage to register today to donate blood. It’s amazing that every time you donate you could help save up to three lives."

More blood donors of Black heritage are needed to help treat people with the blood disorder sickle cell, which mostly affects people of Black heritage and is now the fastest growing genetic disorder in the UK.

Emile explains, "This is an important cause that is close to my heart as two of my children have the sickle cell trait, which means although they don’t have sickle cell disorder, they can pass it on to their future children."

Every day we need around 5,000 donations to meet the needs of patients across England. Please book an appointment if you do not have one already. Here are some tips on finding an appointment to donate.

If you need to rearrange, please give us three days’ notice so we can offer your space to another donor.