The Donor magazine

The Donor magazine

We produce a magazine twice a year, which is full of features, case studies and the latest blood donation news.

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In this edition, we're focusing on sharing. We share some inspirational stories from people who have encouraged others to give blood, we highlight the importance of the A-negative donor, and take a step back in time to look at the history of blood transfusion. 

We also explain why it's important to share your views on organ donation, and invite you to share your thoughts and help us to shape future research led by our scientists by joining our patient advisory group.

Other editions are available below.

  • Winter 2015 issue of The Donor magazine        
    PDF, 1.6 MB
    We explain why there is a need for more people to join the organ register.  Dr Gail Miflin also answers questions about research into blood donation.     

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