New and modern blood donation centre opens in Liverpool

20 August 2021

The Liverpool blood donor centre moved to its new permanent location – Unit 1, 5 St Paul’s Square, L3 9SJ – on Thursday 19 August, just a 2-minute walk from the temporary Capital building.

Opening of Liverpool Donor CentreThe new permanent site will offer a much larger space so more people can give blood more regularly, with around 135 extra appointments a week becoming available by the end of August.

The space will also provide a more modern and welcoming environment for donors and staff alike. The permanent site was chosen as a like-for-like replacement to the venue in Moorfields, which was closed in January.

Donor Centre Manager, Theresa Robinson says: “Giving blood is an amazing and lifesaving act and we want donors to have a good experience when they come to donate – a lot of hard work has gone into the design, colour scheme and furniture at our new centre.

It’s bright and airy and we now have a beautiful donor centre which I hope donors will be proud of and will enjoy visiting.

“We have already had lots of interest from passers-by asking how they can register, so we hope this venue will mean more people in Liverpool and nearby areas will join others as a lifesaving blood donor.

“During these summer months – as demand for blood increases and people enjoy greater freedoms and holidays – we need to make every donation count.

We urge donors who are fit and healthy to keep to appointments or cancel in good time so they can be re-filled. If you are unable to find an appointment, please check back again. Each donation can save and improve up to three lives.”

Kevin Hulks opening the centreKevin Hulks, has given over 400 platelet donations was invited down to cut the ribbon for the new centre. He was very pleased with the new centre:

“The staff at Liverpool Donor Centre are really welcoming and over the years I have built a great rapport with them. The new centre has a bright and friendly atmosphere. An added bonus is that the centre is nice and easy to find.”

Kevin’s wife, Tracey has given more than 100 blood donations.

Blood donor Ivor Anthony Williams, was giving his second donation on the day. Ivor was very impressed with the new centre:

“The centre is bright and clean, easy to get to and the staff are great.

“It’s my second donation today and I will continue to donate to help save lives. It does not matter when you start donating, blood donation is extremely important to help those who need blood to survive.”

Andrew Weston, has been donating platelets since he was 19 years old and has given 357 platelets donations. Andrew says:

“The new donor centre is impressive. Donors will find it easy to get to.

“With the efficiency of the new centre, platelets donations will be even more easy to do and will go on to help cancer patients when they need them to recover.”

Extra safety measures are in place across all blood donation sessions right now. All donors are triaged with a temperature check on arrival. Hand gels and hand washing facilities are available, donors are spaced apart and staff are doing extra cleaning.

Staff and donors must wear face coverings inside the donor centre. Donors are reminded to follow all relevant Government transport guidance when making a journey to give blood.

Hospitals need blood for routine operations, saving accident victims and treating patients with serious illnesses like cancer.

Right now, there is a need to make every donation count, to meet a rise in demand for blood from hospitals. There is a particular need for more donors with certain blood types, though all types remain in demand.

  • O negative donors – the universal blood type – are the lifeblood of the emergency services and donations are always needed.
  • O positive blood is the most frequently requested from hospitals, while A positive is the second most common blood type.
  • B negative is one of the rarest blood types. It is hard to find people with this blood type, so B negative donors are needed to keep stocks up and help patients.


Give blood and help the NHS this summer. Book an appointment today and check the latest guidance on Covid-19.


  1. From left to right - Blood donor Leslie Jones, platelets donor Andrew Weston, Donor Centre Manager Theresa Robinson, blood donor Tracey Hulk and platelets donor Kevin Hulk.
  2. Kevin Hulks, cutting the ribbon to the new Liverpool Donor Centre. Kevin has donated over 400 times.

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