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Without the gift of blood donated by blood donors, Siohbon’s two beautiful children wouldn’t have their mum.

After the birth of her son in January 2009, she needed 2 units of blood to be healthy again after haemorrhaging.

Then, when her daughter was born almost 2 years later, Siohbon suffered a very rare and sometimes fatal complication of childbirth, called a uterine inversion, and lost three litres of blood.

She needed donated blood to save her life in theatre and more blood while she was treated in intensive care.

Siohbon said: 'I'd never have met my daughter or seen both my amazing children grow up. I would like to say a huge thank you, although these words are not enough, they are said with the greatest of heart felt gratitude’.

Around 6% of donated blood is used to treat maternity patients.

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