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Alexis needs blood transfusions every 4 weeks to help stop her suffering a stroke due to her Sickle Cell disease.

Her red blood cells form into a sickle or crescent shape and stop moving around her body. That can lead to extremely painful crisis episodes and potentially fatal complications.

Alexis was diagnosed with a routine blood test when she was a baby and had her first blood transfusion when she was 2. She is now treated with daily antibiotics. Her sister Georgia Rose, 2, also has the illness.

Mum Clare said: 'It was horrible when Alexis had sickle cell crisis. When you have sickle cell you have a low immune system, and even a cold can trigger a crisis. But how do you stop your baby having a cold?

'She hasn't had any crises since she started her transfusions. Her veins are not very good for needles so she has a portacath fitted to make the transfusions easier. The transfusions take 2-4 hours.

'Alexis loves going to hospital! She wants to be a doctor when she is older, I think that is because she has spent so much time in hospital.

'She loves drawing and making things, and playing with her dolls.

'I am a blood donor and I really appreciate everyone who donates blood.

'My daughter and other children like her need blood all year round, so please if you can, donate blood or platelets.'

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