Why we need Black donors

At the moment we need Black donors because of a rise in demand for some rare blood types that are more common in people of Black heritage.

A male donor holds a bag of Ro blood

It’s safe to give blood

Giving blood is safe and easy.

There are extra safety measures in place including:

  • a self-assessment leaflet before you attend to check for coronavirus risk factors
  • bigger spaces between chairs
  • temperature checks before donating
  • extra cleaning
  • increased hand washing
  • hand gel for donors to use

You will need to wear a fabric face covering when you donate. It doesn’t have to be a surgical mask but should cover your mouth and nose.

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The need for Black donors

The increased demand for some rare subtypes, such as Ro, that are more common in people of Black heritage means we need more black people to become blood donors.

Demand for these subtypes is growing as more people have regular transfusions to treat blood disorders such as sickle cell.

Subtypes are important when someone has regular transfusions as they need blood that matches their own as closely as possible.

We need people from all communities to give blood to make sure there’s the right blood available for everyone.

Most people can give blood if they're fit and healthy. Check if you can donate.

Blood transfusions make me feel so much better

Miai smiles in front of a Give Blood banner

Miai has had 8 blood transfusions to treat sickle cell

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Everyone can make a difference

Whether your donation is used in an emergency, after surgery or as a part of a regular transfusion, you could help up to three people every time you give blood.

It’s great knowing I can do something important for my community
Ronald gives blood

Ronald has given blood for more than 20 years

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Who your blood could help

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