Post donation advice

Important safety information after you have given blood

To help you stay well after you have given blood:

  • If you feel faint (light headed or dizzy, hot, sweating, trembling or shaky, nauseous), lie down immediately, rest until you feel better and drink plenty of fluid
  • If bleeding recurs, sit down, raise your arm and press on the donation site for at least 5 minutes
  • Make sure you drink plenty of fluids (but avoid alcohol)
  • Leave your plaster on at least 6 hours and avoid wearing tight sleeves
  • Avoid heavy lifting for the rest of the day
  • Avoid activities which may present a hazard to you or others if you were to start feeling unwell
  • Avoid strenuous exercise, and heat such as in saunas and hot baths.


If you need further advice, faint or experience any prolonged after effects from your donation, please ring 0300 123 23 23


Important blood safety information

Thank you for donating. We need you to help us ensure the safety of the blood supply. If you become unwell within two weeks following your donation, or if you believe there’s a reason your blood should not be transfused to a patient, please call our donor helpline on 0300 123 23 23, or for Text Chat please SMS 07860 034 343