Carol Verney

Carol began giving blood when she was 19 and is now aiming for her 100th donation.

CarolWhen I was 19 and working at Portals in Hampshire with my best friend Bridget, the blood donation lorry came round to the works. I said to Bridget, come on we get a lie down, cup of tea, biscuits and we get paid while we do it! We are onto a winner. So off we went, I was first, Bridget next. I was ok but Bridget passed out and never gave blood again.  

I’ve just given my 90th pint.  

When I had given my 50th pint my husband gave me a bouquet of 12 red roses. He also got in touch with the local paper to interview me. My picture and story were published.   

(Picture: Carol is aiming for 100 donations)

When I got to 72 donations, I said to the nurse, only a few left to go! She asked, what do you mean? I said, I’m nearly at 75 and I get my presentation and lunch up in London, which was my utmost goal. Oh no, she said, they have stopped that, it’s 100 now! So, I am aiming for that. 

The feel-good factor beats anything else

When I made my 75th donation my husband had a champagne flute engraved with my achievement, which stands in a pride of place in my cabinet.  

Reaching my 50th and 75th was such an achievement, I just couldn’t believe it, but I keep on and on giving and they keep on and on taking. I hope I will give my 91st unit in April. 

Carol's 50th donation certificate, badge and newspaper article
Carol's 50th donation award
Carol's 75th donation certificate, badge and newspaper article
Carol's 75th donation award

I find it really nice to know where my blood goes; the other month it went to a children’s hospital, which I was really chuffed with.  

Giving blood is doing something good in your life. The feel-good factor beats anything else. You might need it yourself one day. Plus, you get a lovely cup of tea and an orange chocolate Club biscuit. That’s the reason I give!  

That’s my story, hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I have. Here’s to the next 10 donations!