Let them see what they can only imagine

Every day we need 10 cornea donations to meet patients’ needs, but we’re currently falling short of this target

On World Sight Day in October we launched our ‘Let them see what they can only imagine’ campaign to encourage more people to sign up to cornea donation after their death and share this decision with those closest to them.

Laura with her son, Noah

Laura, a mum from London, said, “By the time I had my first transplant I couldn’t see out of my right eye. It was just grey. I could see light and dark but no definition at all.

“After both transplants my vision was still blurry at first, but…I could see colours and definition. The blurring eventually settled and the vision is good.

“I can walk through a crowded train station without bumping into people! Drive confidently at night, sit back in my chair not glued to within an inch of my screen at work! And now I can see my son’s lovely little face!

“I feel forever grateful to my donor and their family. Words are not enough to express my gratitude.”

Who can donate?

Like organ and most tissue donation, corneas are donated after death with the consent of next-of-kin. You are more likely to be able to donate your corneas than your organs as age, poor eyesight, and medical conditions (including some cancers) are not necessarily a barrier to donation.

Here’s how you can help support our campaign: 

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