Manage your appointments online

Get an online account with us and tap into a faster, more convenient blood donation experience. Here’s how to do it...

Get smart, get online

A paperweight sits on top of a guide to using the online blood serviceWhether you are a new or regular blood donor, our online service is there to help you manage your appointments, update your personal details, check when it’s safe for you to give blood and lots more.

On your PC, smartphone or tablet

Go to the homepage and click on the green ‘Register now’ option or, if you are already a donor, click on the blue option ‘Create an account’.

Follow the simple instructions and begin to enjoy the convenience of your online account.

  • First of all, you’ll need to enter your email address and create a password.
  • You will be sent a confirmation email with a link that will take you to the registration page. Just enter your password and fill in your details.
  • If you are already a donor you’ll also be asked to fill in your donor details, such as your 9-digit blood donation number that appears on your donor card and other communications from us. Then press ‘Register’. That’s it! Your account is live.

Download our app

It’s quick and easy to download the free NHSGiveBlood app for iOS or Android devices.

NHSGiveBlood app screenshot 1NHSGiveBlood app screenshot 2

Our app is the simplest way to use your online account. It can do all the things you can do online, plus there are some extras in there too. For example you can only view your digital donor card via our app.

To download the app, search for NHSGiveBlood on the Apple app store or on Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app, simply sign in using your online account details.

Download our app for Apple or Android  

Once you have created your online account you can use our app to easily book appointments and manage your account on the move. 

Download on the App Store  Get it on Google Play  

Please note; our online account service is not available for platelet donors.         

Make a date

After you’ve registered and are signed in, you’ll then be asked where you would like to donate. Fill in an area or postcode and a list of venues will pop up. There’s even an option if you want to donate the following day.

Tap the venue and date that suits you.

Nothing convenient? At the top of the page you can tap to choose different venues and/or dates. You can refine your choices easily by time, date, or day of the week.

You can also choose to see only those venues and dates that have available appointments. Once you have made an appointment your booking will be confirmed by email.

Visit our ‘Using your online account’ section to access ‘how to’ videos that walk you through the features of your online account.