Bleed for...

…the people you care about

Bleed for the team campaign imageEvery single day we need 700 new donors to replace those of you who can no longer donate and it’s a challenge that never stops. We would love your help this summer by taking a moment to think about why you give blood. We believe that when you identify all your reasons for donating you will feel even more motivated and want to continue. It’s also inspiring for other people, family and friends, who may want to follow your example.

So ask yourself

What is it that spurs you on? Do you bleed for the sickle cell warriors needing regular transfusions just to try and live a ‘normal’ life? Do you bleed for cancer - for the fighters who battle it?

Do you bleed for new mums who need your donations to treat complications during childbirth? Do you bleed for those – who perhaps like you –have a rare blood type?

Or do you bleed for all of those reasons? Do you bleed to keep families together? To give people more time? To keep hope alive?

Could your family and friends donate?

Bleed for new dads campaign imageAs committed blood donors, please encourage friends and family to become blood donors this summer. You can also help to support us by using the hashtag #GiveBlood and sharing your reasons for donating.

If you’re eligible to donate, please sign in and make an appointment or call 0300 123 23 23.