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Grime artist Lady Leshurr leads a star-studded cast in our new 'Represent' campaign. 

The ‘#Represent' campaign sees NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) join forces with MOBO to recruit a new generation of blood donors. Together, we are asking young people, especially young people with black and Asian heritage, to step up and represent by signing up to become blood donors and sign the Organ Donor Register.

Why the MOBOs?

Since day one, MOBO has had a social and cultural responsibility beyond the parameters of music, motivating and elevating young people to achieve their full potential. NHSBT are also asking people to fulfil their potential, if possible, by becoming lifesavers. A partnership with MOBO seemed the perfect fit.

The vital work of NHSBT would not be possible without our donors - ordinary people doing extraordinary things by saving and improving the lives of others. We hope that our partnership with the MOBOs will encourage even more young people to become lifesavers.

Why is the campaign needed?

More young donors, especially more black and Asian blood donors are needed. Donors with Black or Asian heritage are more likely to be rare blood types. These rare blood types are essential in the treatment of patients with sickle cell disease and thalassaemia which mainly affect patients of black and Asian heritage respectively.
These patients who require regular transfusions need blood which is more closely matched to their own to get the best outcome; the best way to get this match is blood from a similar ethnic background.

People of Black and Asian heritage also have a higher incidence of conditions such as diabetes – which increases the chances of needing an organ transplant. As a donor from the same ethnic background could provide the best and closest match for patients, we need more people with Black and Asian heritage to sign up as organ donors.

The Represent Film

To inspire the next generation of donors in a new and creative way, we have created a music video with a powerful message.

Written and performed by fantastic UK Grime artist and 2016 MOBO Award nominee Lady Leshurr, the video showcases leading UK celebrities including record breaking Olympian Nicola Adams MBE, TV presenter and wheelchair basketball player Ade Adepitan, Chuka Umunna MP and MOBO’s own Founder and CEO Kanya King MBE. (For a subtitled version of the video click here)

By partnering with the MOBO Awards and engaging with key role models and influencers, NHSBT aims to highlight the importance of blood donation and motivate more young people to book an appointment and help save lives.

Step up and #Represent.

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