Ugo Monye has a rush of Flood to the head

The BT Sport team pin their hopes on Toby Flood in an effort to recruit more male blood donors

3 February 2020

We are working with BT Sport rugby stars and pundits like Ugo Monye, Lawrence Dallaglio, Sarra Elgan and Martin Bayfield to help with some ideas to get more men donating blood.

More men are needed as some blood procedures use only male blood, such as complete blood transfusions for newborn babies which are only done with blood from men who are O negative and also CMV negative.

This film starts with a eureka moment for Ugo Monye, who is eager to propose his new campaign idea to rugby star Toby Flood. 

The need for male blood donors

We need more men to sign up and give blood as they have higher iron levels and can donate more often.

Men are also missing certain antibodies in their blood which means their donations are easier to use in certain blood products such as platelets and plasma, often used to treat people with burns or cancer.

How you can help

You can get involved and start your blood donation journey today by registering to give blood and booking an appointment.