STRIDES study to improve blood donation

We are working in partnership with the University of Cambridge to conduct a world-leading study aiming to improve the experiences of blood donors in England.

17 December 2020

Improving the donor experience

STRIDES study logoThis study is called STRategies to Improve Donor ExperienceS (STRIDES) and is a collaboration between NHS Blood and Transplant, and the Blood and Transplant Research Unit (BTRU) at the University of Cambridge.

As part of the STRIDES study, you will notice small changes to our usual procedures with the aim of improving your experience when giving blood.

The study is taking place in all blood donor centres across England until October 2022.

During this time, you may notice some small changes when you come to donate including:

  • The leaflets you read before you donate
  • The drink you are offered in the waiting area
  • The advice you are given during and after your donation

A small number of donors may also be asked to participate in further research to help us better understand how to improve donor health and potentially reduce donation deferrals. You can find out more about this on the STRIDES website.

To investigate whether donor experiences have been improved, researchers at the University of Cambridge will have access to anonymised blood donor records with all personal information removed.

If you do not wish your data to be used in the study, please ask a member of staff for the ‘STRIDES opt out’ form at your next donation. Opting out of STRIDES will not affect your routine blood donation.

More information about the study is available on the STRIDES website.

The donation process

What happens when you come to give blood?

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