Simonne Kerr: Statement and tributes

We pay tribute to the B Positive Choir member following the sentencing of the man convicted of her murder.

3 July 2019

An NHS Blood and Transplant spokesperson said: “We are still deeply shocked by the death of Simonne Kerr and today our thoughts are with her family and friends.

“Simonne was a committed and valued member of the B Positive Choir. She was passionate about raising awareness of sickle cell disease and inspiring people to donate blood.

Simonne’s son Kavele died at the age of six from sepsis. He was vulnerable to sepsis because he had sickle cell disease, a disease more common in people of black heritage. Kavele received a transfusion when he was ill but unfortunately it was too late for him.

“After she joined the choir, Simonne said: ‘Singing can be such an uplifting experience so joining the B Positive choir seemed the obvious way to raise awareness of the urgent need for more young and black people to give blood while doing something positive and motivational’.

“The choir, NHS Blood and Transplant, and all those who knew Simonne remain devastated at the loss of a loved choir member and friend.”

Tributes from B Positive Choir members

Tonica Howe – singer in London

Since Joining B Positive Choir Simonne and I clicked right away. We grew closer the more rehearsals and gigs we performed together until it felt as though we were family...we were sisters.

Simonne would move mountains to be at choir rehearsal and was very dedicated to the cause. She was the life and soul of the group, always had a smile on her face and a positive attitude even on her low days.

She will always be known in the group as' the girl with the red boots' as she wore them to all our Britain's Got Talent performances.

I admired the strength that Simonne had. She took the pain from the passing of her son and turned it into a blessing by finishing her nursing degree to become a nurse and by joining B Positive Choir to promote more awareness of the importance for donating blood.

Heaven has truly gained an angel, but I cannot deny that in her no longer being with us a massive part of my heart has been broken. I will always miss her smile, her warmth, her laughter, her presence, her bubbly and infectious character; her! My beautiful butterfly.

The Christelee, Shamar and Anushka Ramsey– singers in Walsall

We are all travellers in the desert of life and the best we can find in our journey is an honest friend; Simonne was that friend for us. She was our long-lost sister! We loved how she was just like us - so vibrant, funny, intelligent and strong.

Although our friendship wasn’t for long the bond we created in the time we had together was like no other and we truly miss her: her laugh, her smile, the great times shared each time we'd meet.

It breaks our hearts that Simonne was taken from us so selfishly and in such a horrible way; this will stick with us for life. The relationship we created was one for a life time and that was cut short.

We pray justice is served for our Simonne and our prayers and support continue to go out to her family – we stand together!

Colin Anderson – choir director

The passion, commitment, and balance Simonne conveyed during choir rehearsals was tangible. We could never get above ourselves as she always knew how to remind us of “who we are” and our purpose with a “do they know who we are...”

An admirable woman who was willing to share her vulnerability in order to highlight the tragic, life-threatening issues surrounding the care of those with the sickle cell genetic disorder.

She was the epitome of strength and dedication and knew how to keep us focused during rehearsals with one of those disdainful, bored looks as she didn’t suffer foolishness gladly!

Simonne worked tirelessly without complaint and loved us all without exception.

We feel deeply for Simonne’s Mum and sisters; such a terrible and needless loss must not overshadow the achievements of this our friend who was indeed a ‘strong, black woman’.