NHS Blood and Transplant partners with the London Dungeon to encourage new donors to give blood

14 June 2024

This World Blood Donor Day, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) has announced its partnership with the London Dungeon to encourage new donors aged 17 and older to come forward and save lives by donating blood.

The collaboration kicked off during National Blood Week and is an ongoing partnership between NHSBT and the London attraction, encouraging people to do something extraordinary every day by donating blood.

Partnership campaigns

Two London Dungeon actors pointing at their arm, having just donated bloodThe partnership was launched with a social campaign showing the London Dungeon's very own characters donating blood at the Westfield Shepherd's Bush Blood Donor Centre.

The content is centred about debunking myths, sharing important statistics and helping young people understand the blood donation process.

This long-term partnership aims to encourage young people to give blood for the first time. It will involve further awareness campaigns throughout 2024 including a ‘What’s Your Blood Type’ event for Dungeon fans to find out their blood type for free at the attraction.

A London Dungeon spokesperson said: “This World Blood Donor Day we want to make sure that blood is shed…and donated to those in need. Unlike the wicked characters you’ll meet in the depths of the Dungeon, be on the right side of history and save lives with blood donations.”

The demand for new donors

NHSBT need to recruit 140,000 new donors a year to replace those who can no longer donate, including 30,000 new blood donors every year, with priority blood types such as O negative. There is also a need for up to 12,000 new donors of Black heritage and 250 donations a day to treat patients with sickle cell.

With help from the London Dungeon, NHSBT hopes for new donors to come forward who can continue to donate throughout their lives.

Blood donations are needed to treat patients with cancer, blood disorders and those suffering medical trauma or undergoing surgery. Each donation can save or improve up to three lives.

Register now and book an appointment through our website, on the GiveBloodNHS app or call 0300 123 23 23.