NHS Blood and Transplant host Plasma Awareness Parliamentary event in Parliament with charity stakeholders

22 March 2024

Group photo of Societi team and Gerry Gogarty, Director of Plasma for MedicinesOn Wednesday 20 March NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) hosted a Plasma Awareness Parliamentary event in Parliament with charity stakeholders; Societi – The UK Kawasaki Foundation and Immunodeficiency UK.

The event was sponsored by Munira Wilson MP, who has the Twickenham Donor Centre in her constituency and has been a welcome supporter of Plasma since visiting the donor centre in 2023.

Event aim

Members of Parliament attended the event to learn about and discuss Plasma as well, as to look to promote plasma donation amongst colleagues, stakeholders and constituents. The aims of the event revolved around the need for more donors from regions that our 3 Plasma donor centres are in and to understand why self-sufficiency in the UK is essential.

Event speakers

Lord Markham speaking at the Parliamentary eventFollowing a warm welcome from Munira Wilson MP which setting the tone for the event, Minister for the Lords, Lord Markham, delved into the business aspects of Plasma. Dr. Stephen Thomas spoke about the scientific underpinnings of Plasma, while Director Gerry Gogarty narrated the journey of Plasma and underscored the importance of achieving self-sufficiency.

Our charity stakeholder collaborators, Immunodeficiency UK and Societi – The UK Kawasaki Disease Foundation, led discussions with people whose lives were directly affected by the benefits of Plasma.

With over 50 MPs in attendance, NHSBT look forward to building on these relationships in order to spread awareness about Plasma donations.


How you can help

If you're the giving type, find out more and register to donate on our website.

Immunoglobulin is used to treat more than 50 rare diseases and around 17,000 people in England rely on immunoglobulin to save or improve their lives.

Plasma is part of your blood. It’s a yellow liquid which carries everything around the body, including antibodies. During donation, a machine gradually separates out up to 700mls of plasma from your blood. Donation takes about 35 minutes and the whole visit – including questionnaires and snacks - takes around 1 hour 15 minutes.