Microsoft employees come together to donate plasma and inspire others to save lives

30 April 2024

Four Microsoft team members at the Reading Plasma Donor Centre During Plasma Donation Week (22nd - 28th April) a dedicated group of donors who work at Microsoft came together to join the growing local community of plasma donors, helping to save thousands of lives across the country each year.

Driven by a shared commitment to make a difference, this group of donors who work at the company’s headquarters in Thames Valley Park, Reading, have established a Blood and Plasma Donation community among their colleagues, aiming to expand the impact of plasma and blood donation within the corporate network.

Nicole Gujer, the initiative's organiser, shares her inspiration:

" As a premature baby born at 28 weeks and weighing 1.1kg, I owe my life to two lifesaving blood transfusions. Despite being unable to donate myself, I wanted to bring together a group of my colleagues to help make an impact on this important cause."

Among the team members hoping to donate is Owen Sturrock, who has already donated blood 18 times and now aims to start his plasma donation journey this Plasma Donation Week. Reflecting on his motivation, Owen shares:

"I've been a blood donor for six years, inspired by my grandparents' long-term commitment and my discovery of the impact of different blood types. Knowing that my blood can be used to help new born babies has been incredibly motivating. I am looking forward to seeing more of my colleagues donating too.”

This dedicated group donated at the Plasma Donation Centre in Reading, contributing to the creation of life-saving medicines that treats over 50 diseases.

The team’s combined effort highlights the power of community-driven initiatives and NHS Blood and Transplant is hoping more local people and businesses will be inspired to come forward to help save even more lives.

Aisha Rehman, Plasma Engagement Manager for NHS Blood and Transplant, says:

It is fantastic to see the team from Microsoft coming together and adding to the number of people from the local area who are donating plasma. Reading has one of only three dedicated plasma donor centres in the country, alongside Birmingham and Twickenham, so we play a really crucial role in the creation of these life-saving medicines, which for many could be the only potential treatment. We urge other companies in Reading to consider whether they can support our cause, by sharing information or supporting colleagues who want to come forward and donate.”

Learn more about plasma donation online, or call 0300 123 23 23.