Church campaign encourages more black donors

7 September 2017

Help save your neighbour's life while going about yours - Church campaign graphic

We are joining with black Christian churches across England, to encourage more black donors to register, book an appointment and give blood. Launching on Sunday 10 September with Prayer Sunday, churches across the country will pray for more black people to start saving lives through blood donation.

Help save your neighbour's life

Revd Rose Hudson Wilkin says being a blood donor is part of a "modern-day medical miracle":


Join us by lending support

We need 40,000 black donors to give blood to help 15,000 people in England who have sickle cell disease. 

Churches can: 

  • pledge to sign up 50, 75, 100 or more church members as blood donors
  • have a blood donation-themed service, deliver a talk on the importance of giving blood, use our free sermon resources
  • offer your premises as a venue for quarterly mobile blood donation sessions run by NHS Blood and Transplant
  • invite NHS Blood and Transplant to set up a promotional stall at your events, or give a talk and presentation at your church 

Joining our campaign is a chance for you to really make a difference and save lives. In only one hour, each person can save or improve up to three lives by giving blood.

We are asking Pastors and church leaders to make a date to donate with friends, family or a group from church, choose one of our donor centres or a local session and book your appointments.

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