It's Black History Month

We'd like to say a big thank you to our Black donors and supporters

30 September 2021

Black History Month logoWe're proud to be supporting Black History Month this October.

Throughout the month, we'll be acknowledging and celebrating some incredible people who do remarkable work for the NHS, as well as saying a big thank you to all our Black donors and supporters.

The difference you make

Black blood saves lives. 

Sickle cell disease, which is most common in Black and mixed race people, is the most widespread and fastest growing genetic disorder in the UK.

Many people living with sickle cell rely on blood transfusions to stay alive.

They need blood which is closely matched to their own to help them stay well for longer. This is most likely to come from a donor of the same ethnicity.

Every year, more Black people are stepping forward to donate blood, but to meet demand we need more.

Do something amazing! 
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Still to come this month

Keep an eye on our social channels where we'll be sharing lots of exciting new content throughout the month.

Here's a flavour of what's still to come:

  • Shaun Wallace from ITV quiz show The Chase hunts down some common blood donation myths
  • A look back in history with nurses from the Retired Caribbean Nurses Association
  • We'll be sharing stories of people who have been personally impacted by blood or organ donation and highlighting some of the amazing work they do in their communities
  • A celebration of our amazing charity partners
  • Also, look out for a very exciting video featuring a very well-known newsreader!