What's your blood type?

Thank you for using our blood type test kit.

We maintain a regular supply of all blood types to ensure the right blood is available to patients who need it.

Some blood types are in constant high demand from hospitals.

You can help us by finding out your blood type.

Taking your test

Instructions on how to take the test have been supplied with the kit. 

Please read the instructions carefully.

You can also watch an instructional video on how to take the test and read your results.

What's your blood type?

Once you have your results, make sure to keep your card or take a photo for your records.

The test indicates your likely blood type, this will be confirmed once you have given your first blood donation.

Book an appointment

O negative

If your test reads O RhD Neg, your blood is in high demand. 

Please call us on 0300 303 2096 to book a priority appointment.

All other blood types

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